Documented records concerning the origins of blacks in the Americas are various but what’s most evident about these results is….


Neither the words “black “ nor “ Africa“ can be defined as a country or nation….therefore  it can never be one’s nationality . 

So Let’s get you home 

White was a status

White was a status

Have you ever been told by your family elders about your family heritage, only to have a popular DNA website or service report something different? You're not alone, and here's why:

The commercially used DNA test has an accuracy of only 0.01 percent. This is the same test used by popular outlets that offer such services. The truth is that an individual's DNA cannot be directly matched with that of their grandfather. Considering that each person has 254 grandparents within eight generations alone, these tests are incapable of accurately determining one's actual grandfather and thus finding the origins of their great grandparents.

The only reliable way to determine one's nationality and the origins of their family lineage is by learning the birthplace of their ancestors. This requires accessing and examining government documents.

Our expertise lies in the fields of geography, human origins, and human migration. We specialize in:

- Providing surname meanings

- Offering details about migrations

- Accessing slavery/servitude records

- Exploring human origins

- Collecting historical data

- Investigating events that influenced human appearances

- Gathering vital records

- Analyzing census records

- Examining military records

- Providing factual imagery

- Accessing all relevant records and more

If applicable, we can also provide copies of the documents we access to support our findings.

Heritage exploration service

Heritage Exploration Service

Our service offers a unique approach to uncovering your family tree. We focus on listing grandparents, and if available, we also provide information about siblings. Through these grandparents, we aim to provide our clients with accurate and well-documented records, including, but not limited to:

- Place of birth

- Date of birth

- Religion (if applicable)

- Occupation (if applicable)

- Military service

- Marriage certificates

- Death certificates

- Information from census reports

- Records of servitude/slavery, including details from archival sources such as ship voyage records (ship origin, destination, docking locations, cargo), as well as information about the place of sale, purchaser, length of voyage, length and time of servitude, captain logs, and trading posts.

We understand that the detailed information we provide can be overwhelming, especially for many black Americans whose historical origins have been distorted, misrepresented, and misunderstood. Therefore, we emphasize that for your research to be considered reliable, it must be based on official documents and reputable resources.

Heritage gold 

Heritage Gold (Premium Package)

In our premium package, Heritage Gold, we offer an enhanced experience for your family heritage exploration. If you have any verified photographs of your family that can be tied to our findings, we encourage you to send them to us. We will return them to you with an official nationality stamp, just like the example photos included in this package.

The package includes a meticulously formatted and detailed report, providing as much information as possible about each individual. We rely on documented government records to ensure accuracy and reliability. The information we provide includes, but is not limited to…..